Monday, March 21, 2011

My Tubed Art

I sell a few images at to be used in signatures.  I signed up with them a few years ago and they've been very good in selling and promoting my work.  I would often get emails from people asking to "tube" my art (still not sure exactly what that means) or that someone else has used an image without asking and made a sig image out of it.  So I decided to sign up and sell my work to try and control the theft.    They're very good at upholding copyrights and chasing down anyone they see violating them.  I recommend them if you've been interested in selling your own work.  You can contact them on their website form if you're thinking of joining up.  I didn't create the sample there, someone else made that up for me to show me what can be done.  I think it's kinda neat!


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