About Me

Hiya, I'm Leigh and this is my blog.

I'm an illustrator/graphic designer.  Basically if someone needs something drawn or designed and they think I can do it, I do it and they pay me.  Pretty simple.

I went to college for animation for three years and ended up designing halloween toys for about a year after that.  Then it was on to temporary tattoos, t-shirts, lottery tickets, brochures, logos and more.  Now it's designing art for slot machines, like this game here I did.  I also do commissions once in a while so don't be afraid to ask.

I started this blog hoping to post more casual work.  I have a terrible habit of wanting, needing, to finish whatever I draw in colour.  And by "colour" I mean a finished vectored image that's polished and perfect and ready to hang on the wall.   I thought that maybe if I started a blog where I could put up looser work, things that I like but aren't really portfolio worthy, then I'd be more encouraged to draw so I'd have something to post.  So far, it's working but I still really have to get back into drawing every day.

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