Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bunny Work in Progress

So I have this moleskine sketchbook which I bought last August and have been trying to fill up since then. The paper is so nice that I hate to fill it up with junk, but you have to draw the junk in order to get the good stuff out.

I guess I was thinking about Easter and tried drawing a bunny.  At the same time I had just finished up a commission which made me want to do another pinup.  So that lead to this:

I ran out of room at the top of my sketchbook so you'll just have to imagine the rest of her ears.  Then just by coincidence I saw a pinup someone else did of a bunny girl with a rabbit that was sorta, kinda, similar to my idea.  So I came up with this to replace it:

Now I just have to sit still and vector her up!  Here's hoping my excitement of actually thinking of a new idea lasts to the colouring stage.


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