Thursday, April 5, 2012

FanExpo 2012

I'm a-goin'!  I'll be sharing a table with Andrew of Notchordamnatchoz fame.  They're pretty on the ball this year as we already know where our table is.  I'd post it but I'm lazy right now with a head cold and don't feel like searching for it.  I'll update later.  We've got a few months to go.

I still have lots of prints to sell from last year.  I'm thinking of reprinting some of the ones I sold out of, like my Tattooed Lady and Stare.  I'm also putting together an art book (mainly for myself, details TBA) so I'm excited to get that done.  Plus buttons, buttons, buttons!  Cheapest (in price, not quality) buttons in the room!

I've got a few months of spring and summer to produce some new art for the show and the book.  Not feeling very creative that way right now but things change so fast, you just never know what might come into my mind!


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