Thursday, September 15, 2011

1950s Guys

Holy crap!  I really have to practice drawing men!  First I went through the photos from Tackorama and super roughly sketched some of my favourites.  Then I picked the ones I liked from those and drew them larger and with more detail.  Then I drew them again.  And again.  AND AGAIN!  Ooof.  Boy, they took a long time to get right.  And even then I wasn't totally satisfied so this morning I pulled out another sketchbook and redrew them from my drawings, not from looking at the photo.   So it's these drawings:

From these photos:

I flipped the one drinking milk because everyone I drew was facing to the left.  I get strangely paranoid when everything I draw faces one direction over and over so I vary it the best I can.

Hopefully will be vectored soon.


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