Sunday, August 14, 2011

Illustration Friday: Swell

This week's word is "Swell".  All I could picture was some kid from the 40's saying "Ah, gee!  That's swell!"

I bought some small art trading cards to draw on at the convention.  I've never tried them before and I also have some new grey pens so I tried out both with this drawing.  I also got a sweet silver pen to sign any prints people buy so I tried that out too.  They're swell!  Sorry, couldn't help it.


  1. Your interpretation fits so well with what I think about when I think of someone saying 'gee swell', that wholesome goodness and open enthusiasm that you see in the old movies :-), its great!

  2. Nice newspaper boy! Cool that you got all retro, too.

  3. This is great! You've definitely got a knack for expressions.

  4. OK, so this is great. You manage to capture it just right through expression, gesture, and the great black and white color palatte. Nice job

  5. awesome work!
    you really have a great style.
    it reminds me of some of those old 50's coke advertisements.


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