Saturday, August 13, 2011

FanExpo 2011!

Yes!  FaxExpo 2011!  After a few years away from selling at the con, but still going to shop, I will be in Artist's Alley this year, helping sell his art and I'll be selling a little bit myself.  I have prints that are a few years old so they'll be going CHEAP plus I have a TON of buttons to sell, 25¢ each.  Heck, maybe if you buy a $5 print I'll GIVE you a button!  As for new work, I've been embellishing my sugar skull image and will be selling that as a 11"x17" print.

We're at table A249, which by this map puts us over on the side of the major game companies PS3 and EB Games.  Just head towards Rue Morgue, then find EB and you're on the way to finding us.  Please stop by!


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