Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fan Expo 2013

I'll be there at table A70 with Andrew Barr and his giant black sign with a bright pink and green skull monster on it.  It's hard to miss, trust me.  A70 is just about in line with the Lego booth if that helps at all.  The map of the vendors floor looks incredibly packed, even more so this year than others, so getting around will probably be a challenge, even with the celebs moved to another building.

I've done a clean out of my prints and am not brining as much this year.  Some of the prints are from (quite a few) years ago and my style and quality has changed a lot (for the good?).  I have some new prints (Nerds, Gamer Girl and a version of my Amelia Earhart image) plus my Killer Fangirls, my black and white 1950s caricatures, sugar skull and a few others still for sale.  Plus my art book and the last of my haul of buttons.  Buttons are 25¢ each, cheapest on the floor!

I'll be tweeting and hopefully posting from the table as our weekend chugs along.

Apparently I have some homework to do while I'm there, meaning work I should be doing at home but will try and get a head start on while I'm there, so if my head is down over my sketchbook just clear your throat loudly or throw as useless penny at my head to say "Hi".


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