Friday, August 3, 2012

FanExpo Map

So that's were Andrew and I will be, A53.  I think we're surrounded by a few authors with their books. I might be wrong but it looks like they've rearranged the layout this year.  Last year artist alley was pretty close the celebrity autograph area but now it's WAAAY on the other side of the room.  But this map is always a little deceiving until you set foot in the room and see where everything is with your own eyes.  Even then it takes a few hours of walking around to get your bearings.


  1. My brother was at FanExpo, and got a copy of your Artbook. which he showed to me yesterday, at Thanksgiving dinner. (In Canada, we have Thanksgiving several weeks before you do in the USA...because we have that much less to be thankful for.) Your graphic style is terrific! I also love that most of your characters are plumptious beauties, like me!

    I know how big that Convention Centre is, so I can picture exactly how well hidden you were, at FanExpo. BTW, I'm one of the people featured in the photos on the front of the Convention Centre. I'm the redhead in the gold trousers, who's blowing a kiss. It's one of my standard burlesque photo poses, but it looks weird when I'm not in one of my burlesque costumes!

    1. I'm Canadian too!

      I'm glad you liked my stuff and thank your brother for showing me off at dinner. :)


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