Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Yes, I'm watching wrestling again

And yes, I'm a fan of CM Punk.  And YES, I drew him.

I still need to work on my men, uh, meaning I have to practice drawing men so two interests collided and here's the result.

Just random photo reference used so I think I got a vague likeness bodged together.  The tattoos are IN NO WAY ACCURATE.  I really need to figure out a good way to blag tattoos.

It was Punk's speech from RAW that I saw online which got me curious to start watching WWE again.

In college my roommates and I would ALWAYS watch wrestling on Monday night.  And way before that I remember watching it saturday mornings with my Dad when it used to be WWF.  I think we stopped watching a few years ago because the story lines became kind of boring and repetitive and there was a while where every single match seemed to end in a disqualification because someone would run in and disrupt things.  That's fun once in a while but when it happens during every match in one show, it's a bit much.  Then all the wrestlers started to look the same, bald with black trunks and knee pads.  Then the fun stuff went away like monsters, voodoo guys, clowns and crazy people.  So we slowly started not watching it until we didn't anymore. Then this Punk video showed up on thedailywh.at and Andrew and I decided to try wrestling again.  Boy, the stuff we've missed over the past few years!  We spent about a month just throwing out names we remembered and trying the "where are they now?" game.

Then just by coincidence I saw that Scott Hall was trending on Twitter a while ago so I clicked to see why and saw this short documentary on him: The Wrestler: The Scott Hall Story and now I'm all weirded out and sad thinking how I used to watch him on WWE and WCW and I hope he ends up ok.  I guess that's also what inspired the CM Punk image since he's "straight edge"so I hope he ends up ok too.


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