Friday, July 8, 2011

Doctor Who-Finished

Ha, finished it.  Got my buzz from getting it coloured but still felt like "Get DONE already!" as I was working on it.

I used to love poking around and fiddling in Illustrator then work got really heavy and frustrating and then the last thing I wanted to do at the end of the day was sit at the computer and work the way that was frustrating me all day.  So that really spoilt me for doing art for myself.  I didn't even want to draw anymore because I gave everything to the job that day, I felt like I had no imagination left to use for myself.  I really felt like if I'm not going to colour it, post it and sell it, then what's the point of doing it?  That's SO bad, I know.  Now I'm just trying to be happy drawing with no outcome in mind.  I just want to be happy with the pencil, you know?  If I want to colour it I will but the image can still be "done" if it's still in sketch form.


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