Monday, July 30, 2012

Killer Fangirls 1: Ash

So this is the result of colouring one of those sketches I posted earlier:

It's girly Ash from Evil Dead 2.  I've seen a ton of cosplay of women dressed as Ash and their costumes are usually better than some of the costumes guys put together.  She's not really a "fangirl" but Ash is such a pop culture cult hero that I really wanted to try girlifying him.  Is that a word!  It is now!

I've got 5 more fangirls.  I'll be selling them at the FanExpo this year.  I'm thinking they'll be 5"x7".  So come on by if you're coming and want one!

Friday, July 27, 2012


image by Andrew Barr (his cousin!)

Look for him in the pool, 100m butterfly!  Whooo!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Christmas Art Trade

 It only took 7 months, but my friends and I (almost) competed our Christmas art trade.  We "commissioned" each other with a subject and this is my result.

Beastly Rock Chick
Lady Terminator
Ape Guard

 I figure if we commission each other now we should have the art done by this Christmas.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Artbook is DONE!

Finally!  I got off my butt, then back on my butt in front of my computer to get this artbook sorted out and done.

There it is!  You can find it at  If you want to find it AND buy it, just follow this link here.  It's 75 pages of art I've done over past 10-ish years in full colour.  It's not in chronological order, that would have driven me a little nuts, but you can probably tell the progression of my style just by the art.  I know I can.  I should also add that they often put codes for discounts and deals on the front page so check that our first before ordering anything.

I'll be selling this at the FanExpo this August so you can get it from me there.  I'll even do a sketch for you on the inside if you're so inclined to want one.  I'll also be selling leftover books on my own, so if you do want a sketch but can't make it to the convention I'll post the how-to of going through Paypal.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tucker and Dale VS Evil

Fan Expo recently announced that Alan Tudyk is going to be one of the celebrity guests this year so I was inspired to do a Tucker and Dale VS Evil sketch.  I'm planning to get it coloured.  And if I can muster the courage (I'm shy!) and he doesn't cancel at the last minute, I'll get a few printed so I can give one to him and get him to sign another.

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